Hot Links

 Below are some links that we have found invaluable as sources of information. Please consider visiting any one of these that catches your interest.

Human Food Links

Eatwild will give you a list of pasture based farmers in the US and Canada. The site also explains why the natural raising of farm animals is as good for you as it is for the animals as well as for all the people living downstream and downwind from them.

Local Harvest brings you into the world of organic farming. Type in your zip code to find a store, or restaurant, or co-op or farmers market near you. If there are enough mouths to feed in your family (canine and human) consider joining a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, where you subscribe in advance to a local farmer, and receive fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers throughout the growing season. Local Harvest also offers a huge variety of artisanal cheeses, natural meats, dairy, eggs, and lots of other good and good for the earth stuff.

Oceans Alive will give you a quick list of fish that are safe for you to eat and good for the ecology of the ocean.

Organic Consumers is a grassroots organization for information on the politics of organic and sustainable agriculture.

Dog Links

Dog Aware is one of the best and most comprehensive websites on dog foods, including information and links on many specific health issues. When people ask me what dog foods do I recommend, I send them to Dog Aware to help them find what they are looking for.

b-Naturals is a web-site for holistic supplements for dogs and cats. The site also contains many articles of interest for those who have specific heath issues or the desire to know more about canine nutrition. From here you can join the K9 Nutrition list. On this high volume list, the participants are very knowledgeable on all aspects of Dog. The list is very civil and open to all people who want to learn, regardless of the method they choose to feed their dogs.

Magic Paws introduces you to the realm of "clicker training", a system of operant conditioning that is as gentle to the dog's psyche as home prepared foods are to his physical well being.

Veterinary Care is the official web site of the American Holistic Veterinarian Medical Association. Check this site for a list of holistic veterinarians in your area.

Merck Veterinary Manual is on-line and accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. It is one of the most comprehensive on-line sources for animal care. It takes awhile to navigate, but it is invaluable as a resource for anything dog (and other animals as well).

Dr. Pitcairn is the veterinarian who, with the publication of his book Natural Rearing of Dogs and Cats, started so many people on a holistic approach to dog care.

vetinfo4dogs is a veterinary web site designed to help the owner of dogs keep them well. Of special interest is the section on foods and substances that are toxic to dogs. You can get to it directly at