Keystones for a Natural Diet

Provide a clean healthy water supply.
Water is critical to the well being of any animal. An animal can live for days if not weeks without food, but needs water replenished daily. Make certain that water is readily available and it is as pure as possible. Test your tap water for any possible contaminants and use the appropriate filtering mechanism to filter them out. It is critical that your water supply is safe and pure, for both the canine and human members of your family.

Eat fresh whole foods, grown as locally as possible, and organic when practical.

Cook all meats, seafood, poultry and eggs.

In a perfect world we would not need to do this, but being realistic we cannot adequately monitor this part of the food supply. Do not jeopardize your or your animal's health.

Wash all produce well .
Wash all produce, even if it is organically grown, or prewashed "salad in a sack", in cold running water. You may choose to add 1/2 teaspoon of all-purpose bleach to each gallon of water for a purifying soak. Let stand for ten minutes then rinse well. Then soak in clean rinse water for 10 minutes. This cleans the produce and revitalizes them as well.

Seek variety in all things.
While your dog may choose not to eat a particular food, do not eliminate any group of foods from the diet.

Balance the variety with moderation.
Do not feed any one specific food or group of foods to the exclusion of others.

Keep it simple, keep it fresh.
A meal of chicken, rice and broccoli consists of just that.

Keep an open mind.
Ideas and information about different food benefits and characteristics grows and changes daily. Realize that what you learned five years ago may not be applicable today.

Listen, study and learn. And question - Everything!