Some Interesting Photos
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  Patou at 14 years and 3 months (Photo by Karen Reiter)


  Patou, Cajun and their mother Carol Boyle.
  On vacation in Florida, February 23, 2005.

  (Photo by Ed Boyle)

   Cajun with her breeder Carol Doyle and her owner Carol Boyle.

   How's that for an identity crisis. (Photo by Ed Boyle)


   Carol enjoying her first real book signing.
  The champagne bottle was just a prop.(Not!)
  (Photo by Charlie)

   Cajun and Carol enjoying a little fun on "MY-RX".
  (Photo by Wendy Bednar)

   Cajun getting ready for a "boat-walk".
   Last one off the boat has to scoop. (Photo by Wendy Bednar)

   Patou's flag at the bow of "MY-RX".
  (Photo by Wendy Bednar)

   Cajun enjoying the scenery.
   (Photo by Wendy Bednar)


  Cher on "her" boat...relaxing (Photo by Ed Boyle)

  Patou at 14 years and 3 months (Photo by Karen Reiter)


   Here Patou at age nine takes his friend Alexandra Brown
   for a walk on an island in Maine (Photo by Ed Boyle)
Cajun at age 2, a shining example of Natural foods (Photo by Ed Boyle)